New York State Envirothon

The Envirothon is a series of hands-on contests in which teams of high school students compete to solve environmental problems. The Envirothon stimulates practical curriculum development by establishing broad study areas and helping schools to find useful resources in their community.

Using a unique approach to environmental education, student's knowledge of conservation is tested in six subject areas: soils, aquatics, wildlife, forestry, current environmental issues and problem solving. A team of 5 students completes a multiple choice test at five stations; at the last station the team must debate their position on an environmental issue. The event works much like an athletic competition -- the team with the highest overall score wins the regional competition and the team with the highest score for each county qualifies to go to the New York State Envirothon. The State Envirothon is a two-day event and the winning team goes on to the National Envirothon.

The Delaware County SWCD is a proud supporter of the annual New York State Envirothon.

The New York State Envirothon


Forestry Station
2005 NYS Envirothon
Oswego, New York
Soils Station
2007 NYS Envirothon
Cobleskill, New York
Wildlife Station
2005 NYS Envirothon
Oswego, New York