Fish Sales

2017 Bass and Minnow Order Form

Deadline for Ordering July 17, 2017

The Delaware County SWCD annually sells fish for stocking ponds. Large-mouth bass and fat-head minnows (which the bass feed on) adapt well to warmer waters and are sold in July. Brook and Rainbow trout, which require the colder waters of spring-fed ponds to survive and reproduce, are sold in October.

Orders are picked up on specific Saturdays — Watch for details in our order forms one month before the month of distribution (that is, May for bass or September for trout).

NOTE: NY State Fish and Wildlife Law requires a DEC fish stocking license to stock fish, even if the stocking occurs in a pond on your own land. A Farm Fish Pond License must be presented before you can pick up your fish! These licenses are issued free of charge by the DEC office in Stamford:

NYS DEC–Fisheries
65561 State Highway 10
Stamford, NY 12167
(607) 652-7366

Or print your own Application for a Farm Fish Pond License and mail it to the DEC at the above address.

Fathead Minnows
(Pimephales promelas)

Large-mouth Bass
(Micropterus salmoides)


Brook Trout
(Salvelinus fontinalis)

Rainbow Trout
(Oncorhynchus mykiss)