Annual Arbor Green Tree & Shrub Sales

The District’s annual Arbor Green Program offers bare-root tree and shrub seedlings and transplants for conserving and enhancing forest resources, wildlife habitat and economic development in Delaware County. Orders are taken in March, and made available for customer pick-up on a Saturday in April.
Consider the potential benefits of trees and shrubs listed below. Then select species that best suit your needs by reviewing the species descriptions.

Trees and Shrubs can:

- Provide wildlife food and habitat
- Stabilize erodible land
- Help protect water quality
- Produce lumber and firewood
- Reduce air pollution
- Shelter crops and landscape
- Reduce home heating/cooling expenses

2022 Tree and Shrub Order Form & Descriptions

Seedlings and Transplant Definition

A seedling tree has been grown in the planting bed in which it was sown for either one (1-0), two (2-0) or three (3-0) years. Some trees are only offered as seedlings, which may be well-suited for forest planting in large quantities (several hundred to several thousand).


A transplant grew as a seedling for a few years, was removed and replanted into another bed where it had extra room to grow. A (3-1) transplant grew in its seedling bed for three years and a transplant bed for one year, while a (2-2) transplant grew two years in a seedling bed and a transplant bed for two years. The transplant is hardier than a seedling — it has a thicker stem, more branching and a more extensive root system; it is not necessarily taller. Because of its larger root system, a transplant will often grow faster once it becomes established, but usually takes more effort to plant than does a seedling.

Keep in mind that because these are bare-rooted plants they are tightly packed for transport. Several bundles, each containing 1,000 seedlings, can easily fit in the back of a pick-up truck. By contrast, a bundle of 50 transplants might be as large as 1,000 seedlings, depending on the species. Whether you purchase seedlings or transplants, be sure to ask for planting instructions at the time of pick-up if you are not familiar with how to care for your trees, or else print them from the link below.

Planting Instructions

Fertilizer Tablet Information

Temporary Seedling Beds

• Tree Shelters

For broadleaf deciduous trees only, we suggest that you protect your planting investment with

Available in 4 foot lengths, each tree shelter tube comes with a support stake, ties and bird net.

- Increase the success rate of plantings
- Encourage healthy growth
- Reduce animal, wind and mowing damage
- Conserve moisture
- Support maturing trees